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Video Introduction:

Host Alex Boylan discusses the elevator pitch and it's purpose when job hunting. Whether giving your pitch to an employer or in front of your class, we've got some great tips for you.

From The Workbook:

The elevator pitch is a tool you can start using today! If you were in an elevator with someone for 30 seconds and they asked "So tell me about yourself...", what would you say? The ability to clearly and quickly tell someone who you are, what you are interested in AND what your goals are is an amazing skill to have. 

Whether you are job seeking, networking or even just introducing yourself to a new person, the elevator pitch is an amazing tool to have memorized. Most elevator pitches have 4 parts (depending on your situation). These include: 1. Your introduction   2. Summary of what you want to do   3. The statement of what you want   4. The call to action

For a great collection of elevator pitch templates, samples and activities, please see workbook p. 10-14

Expert Advice: 


Check out the videos below from our experts to hear their elevator pitches and learn why it is so important to be able to effectively communicate your pitch at ANY time.


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