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Host Alex Boylan discusses effective communication and why it is so important to practice and develop those skills at a young age. This is a skill that will be used at school, at home and eventually in your workplace where effective communication skills can make a huge difference in your career path.

From The Workbook:

Communicating effectively is a skill that everyone must learn. While many times people think of this skill as "public speaking", it is really much more than that. Whether you are speaking to thousands of people or just asking your teacher a question, you must have the ability to communicate what you want or what you know in a clear and effective way. You may have to speak in front of your class in this section...but don't worry. Here's a few tips from us and below there are even more from our experts.

1. Know your subject 

2. Practice, Practice, Practice

3. Take a deep breath and RELAX!   You've got this!!

For more information, tips and communication activities, please see workbook p. 8-10

Expert Advice: 


Check out the videos below from our experts and hear why the ability to effectively communicate starting at a young age is so important. 


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