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Host Alex Boylan discusses in-person, phone and web-cam interviews. Interviewing is a skill you will need for any career and practicing makes it much less scary.

From The Workbook:

Interviewing is a skill that you will have to always work on. Sometimes it is difficult to talk about yourself and expand on your accomplishments. However, practicing speaking about your strengths and weaknesses will prove extremely helpful.

Factors such as body language are key to showing the interviewer that you are interested and excited. No matter what type of interview, you always need to be prepared to ask your own questions... such as, "What's an average day in the office like?"

An interview can make the difference between landing your dream job...or not. That is why preparing for every type of question, researching the company, and practicing is so important.


Luckily, you've already created an elevator pitch and you are ready when they ask...

"So, tell me about yourself..."

For exercises and resources to prepare for an interview, CLICK HERE

Expert Advice: 


Check out the videos below from our experts and hear why character development, and building good character, is so important as a student and a future employee.  


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