For over 5 years, DreamJobbing has inspired young people to follow their passions and pursue their dream careers.


Our most recent online course is titled Career Exploration and Development 101. In addition to core course chapters such as Character Development, Communicating Effectively and Interview Preparation, we are also building one of the largest video libraries of professionals discussing their career paths and giving advice to students. This series is called: DreamJobbing With…


This content is directed towards students (13+) and helps them understand and learn about different careers - including advice on how to get into that career and how to excel.

DreamJobbing With… is an on-camera interview series that allows professionals to educate and inspire students to explore different career paths and achieve their goals.

Imagine if you could inspire an unlimited number of students to explore different careers, set career goals and graduate high school… all in less than 30 minutes of your time…


Your response to these 5 career related questions will positively impact thousands of students:


1. What did you study in school and what was your career path?

2. What is your job and what is an average day like?

3. What career advice do you have for a student?

4. What are some tips for having success in your field?

5. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your job?


Join us and help inspire the next generation of students to pursue their dream careers!

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