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Video Intro


Expert Advice

Video Introduction:

Each chapter will include a brief introduction, hosted by Alex Boylan. Alex will act as your guide in career exploration. Check out the rest of this page to learn about each section and what to expect in this course.

From The Workbook:

Every chapter will coincide with your program workbook. Here, you will find a brief summary of highlights from your workbook. The workbook will include more tips, exercises and resources that should be completed before moving on to the next chapter. 

For your convenience, we have included the page numbers for each chapter (see below*). We encourage you to have the workbook readily available as you watch the video introductions above. If you miss something, watch the introduction again and make notes in your workbook.

*For more information and activities, please see workbook p. 2-3 

Expert Advice: 


One of the most important aspects of this course is the "Expert Advice". Have you ever wanted to ask a professional about their career advice? These experts provide their honest advice and tips for being successful in a variety of career fields. Don't forget to watch these after the intro video! And be sure to check out our MEET THE EXPERTS page to learn more about these incredible professionals.

Check out a sample of Rachel and Jeremy's "Character Development" advice below...


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