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About "DreamJobbing With..."

In the DreamJobbing online workshop, students are encouraged to connect with local professionals to gain valuable knowledge about their dream careers from real people. This strategy has been extremely successful and beneficial for the students conducting interviews. 

However, we want to create a series that is more widely available for all of our students. That is why we need your help! 


By filming your answers to these 5 simple questions you can help 1000's of students learn about your career path and what it takes to be successful in that career. Please join us and help our students find their dream jobs!

Just 5 Questions...

2. What do you do now and what is your average day like?

3. What is your advice to get into that career?

4. What are your tips for having success in your field?

5. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your job?

1. What was your first job out of school?

Sample Videos

Roy Spence - Co-Founder GSD&M

Ron Wechsler - VP NBC Sports

Aiko Averill - SWA Flight Attendant

Skyla Wilson - Entrepreneur

Best Practices & Tips

  • Find a quiet and professional-looking area where no one else is around to record your video interview. To avoid looking like a shadow, be sure to have light facing you and not shining from behind you. You might also want to consider having two lamps on either side of your face to brighten your appearance on camera. It’s also important that you position yourself in the center of the webcam where your head, neck, and shoulders can be seen.

  • Test your webcam and microphone. If you are using a computer to complete your one-way, make sure to verify the microphone you are using before recording. Additionally, you should always play back your first recorded answer to make certain that your audio and webcam are working properly.

  • If you are not pleased with the quality of the video or sound when you play it back, we recommend trying the SparkHire app for iPhone or Android. You can download the app at:  https://www.sparkhire.com/mobile-app

Acceptable Browsers:

  • Chrome (recommended), FireFox, Safari

  • Most recent version of Adobe Flash Player


  • If your video playback sound is not clear, use a pair of headphones with a microphone on the wire


About the DreamJobbing Founders

DreamJobbing was created by three Hollywood producers - after living out their dream careers, they wanted to help young people discover their dream job.

Alex Boylan

At the age of 24, Alex applied for and won the Amazing Race Season 2. He then created the first online interactive series and platform “Around The World For Free”, where Alex circumnavigated the world without a penny in his pocket using the help of the global online audience.


He has hosted and produced numerous shows for PBS, CBS, Travel Channel, Lonely Planet and has created three digital platforms. For his work on the Steve Harvey show he received an Emmy Nomination. Today he is the proud co-founder of DreamJobbing.com, a platform he created to help others get on the path to THEIR dream career.

Lisa Hennessy

Lisa Hennessy was one of the original members of Mark Burnett Productions - the company that brought you Survivor, Contender, 

The Voice and Shark Tank to name a few.


She has executive produced 100’s of hours of Network TV including Eco-Challenge, Rock Star, Contender, Biggest Loser, etc. She is Emmy Nominated and has hired 100’s of people during her prolific career. She and Alex have also created shows for DreamJobbing’s Production division such as Escape a Digital Detox and the DreamJobbing TV series. Those shows can be found steaming on Amazon Prime (search DreamJobbing). 

Burton Roberts

After getting his MBA from Kellogg, Burton had a career in Silicon Valley. In 2001 he heard about a race/adventure series called Eco-Challenge. He competed and fell in love with the TV industry. Then he was cast on the mega hit Survivor.


He got bit by the TV bug and went on to cofound Around the World Productions with Alex Boylan. They have filmed in over 60 countries worldwide. He now spends his time with the DreamJobbing team developing new shows while also helping young people and returned veterans find jobs. 

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