Welcome Entrepreneurs' Organization Members!

For over 5 years, DreamJobbing has inspired young people to follow their passions and pursue their dream careers – and we need your help to introduce students to the world of entrepreneurship!


Our most recent online course is titled Career Exploration and Development 101. In addition to core course chapters such as Character Development, Communicating Effectively and Interview Preparation, we have created a chapter on Entrepreneurship.

We are also building a video library of professionals discussing their career paths and giving advice to students. This series is called DreamJobbing With… and we are seeking entrepreneurs to discuss their careers…

This advice will help thousands of students through our programs with The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area, The First Tee, Big Brothers Big Sisters, just keep livin Foundation and others. Think of this as an efficient and scalable virtual mentorship.

Inspire Students by Answering 5 Questions About Your Career as an Entrepreneur

The Questions: 

​1. What did you study in school and what was your career path to where you are today?

2. What is your current job and what is an average day like?

3. What are some tips for having success as an entrepreneur?

4. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of being an entrepreneur?

5. What advice would you give students interested in becoming entrepreneurs?

Additional Notes:

  • We will schedule a time to come film you at your convenience

  • Interviews will last approximately 30 minutes

  • Students viewing videos will range from junior high through college

More Interviews

Coming Soon


This can be completed in less than 30 minutes

Filming your video cover will take no more than 30 minutes of your time! Your responses to the 5 questions will be professionally edited and shared with thousands of students. Your advice is invaluable and we appreciate you participating in the DreamJobbing With... series.




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