Help Us Inspire Students from The First Tee by Answering 5 Questions About Your Career

As an active mentor and coach of The First Tee, you have helped changed the lives of many young people through hands-on activities, discussions and time together.


Through our partnership with DreamJobbing, we have developed a solution where in less than 30 minutes of your time, you can record career advice that can reach and help hundreds, thousands or even millions of students...


DreamJobbing's technology solution allows you to record your answers to these 5 questions on any computer/smart-phone with a camera and microphone. The whole interview can be completed in 30 minutes!


DreamJobbing With... is a digital series created to inspire students about their future careers.


By answering 5 simple questions, you can help students learn about your career path and what it takes to be successful in the field. 

Watch Video by Co-Founder Alex Boylan to Learn More:


1. What was your first job out of school?

2. What do you do now and what is your average day like?

3. What is your advice to get into that career?

4. What are your tips for having success in your field?

5. What are your favorite and least favorite parts of your job?

This can be completed in under 30 minutes

  • Find a quiet and professional-looking area where no one else is around to record your video interview. To avoid looking like a shadow, be sure to have light facing you and not shining from behind you. You might also want to consider having two lamps on either side of your face to brighten your appearance on camera. It’s also important that you position yourself in the center of the webcam where your head, neck, and shoulders can be seen.

  • Test your webcam and microphone. If you are using a computer to complete your one-way, make sure to verify the microphone you are using before recording. Additionally, you should always play back your first recorded answer to make certain that your audio and webcam are working properly.

  • If you are not pleased with the quality of the video or sound when you play it back, we recommend trying the SparkHire app for iPhone or Android. You can download the app at:

Acceptable Browsers:

  • Chrome (recommended), FireFox, Safari

  • Most recent version of Adobe Flash Player


  • If your video playback sound is not clear, use a pair of headphones with a microphone on the wire


To achieve our goal and collect "DreamJobbing With" videos from professionals around the world,

we have chosen SparkHire as our online interview platform. 

  • SparkHire is a web based platform for companies to perform job interviews with candidates from any location. 

  • This is why you will see words like "Job Title" and "Interview". Don't worry, this isn't a job interview...just relax and have fun filming your 5 responses to the questions. 

  • To create a SparkHire account, you will need to confirm an email address or use you LinkedIn login information. 

    • You can film your responses an unlimited number of times and you can pause the "interview" and come back to it whenever you are ready. There is no time limit between video you will have time to prepare your response for each segment. 

  • Occasionally (depending on internet connection) there is a lag between when the platform starts recording and when it actually records. We recommend testing the recording feature before completing your first answer and then reviewing your answers as you go to make sure everything was captured.  

    • Remember, you have unlimited attempts to make sure your videos are great. Testing your sound and video quality is really important!

  • We will be professionally editing these clips together for you. Do not worry if there is a pause at the beginning or end of the video because this will actually help us edit your clips more easily. 

  • Check out our best practices and tips below for our suggestions to make sure your video is amazing!


  "We created this platform to help students find the path to their dream career and create the goals to achieve their dream. 

Thank you for being a part of the DreamJobbing community."

-DreamJobbing Founders: Lisa Hennessy, Alex Boylan, and Burton Roberts 



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