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This online course was specifically designed to help YOU

develop the skills necessary to land your dream job.

This course will give you everything you need to break into any

industry regardless of your age, education, or connections. 

Tired of applying for jobs online and never hearing back?

Having trouble with your resume standing out from the crowd?

Frustrated with endless hours job searching?


   Fact:  Finding a Job or Internship if Difficult!   


We’ve been there.  We get it.

We created this course to help you gain a

competitive advantage to break into any industry.


   Did You Know: Building a network is the most

effective way to launch your career?   

...And we will show you how to do it!

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This Course Includes:

  • Online course (self-paced & video based curriculum)

  • DreamJobbing Toolkit (digital)

  • DreamJobbing Professional Profile to host your video cover letter

  • Downloadable Components:​

    • Guidebook to complement Video Curriculum (Downloadable e-book)

    • "How to Conduct an Informational Interview" Guidebook

  • 50+ Interviews with Industry Professionals (on

The DreamJobbing Guidebook

Every student will be given the DreamJobbing Guidebook, which consists of exercises, key notes, and insights to help you succeed while following along with the online course. 

DreamJobbing Technology

& Platform

The DreamJobbing Team prides itself on not only giving you the course, but also giving you the tools to take action immediately. Every student will have access to the DreamJobbing platform to create video cover letters and apply for unique opportunities. Learn how to deliver an eye-catching video cover letter, with a platform that makes it easy, professional, and recognizable.

Take this Class Anywhere

Our online course is digital and self-paced. You can take this with you to the coffee shop, at the gym, your office, or even on an airplane. Each video lecture is no more than 5 minutes in length, which makes it easy to follow regardless of where you are.

The Curriculum

  • Introduction

  • Introduction to Alex Boylan

  • DreamJobbing Overview

  • Writing Your Video Cover Letter Script

  • Recording Your Video Cover Letter

  • Creating Your DreamJobbing Profile

"I literally would not be here without my DreamJobbing Profile"

- Anna-Kay, DreamJobbing student who landed a job at the Steve Harvey Show

Meet Your Instructor - Alex Boylan

Alex Boylan quit working years ago. He walked out of his office cubical (working as a Market Analyst) in Boston with one thought in his mind: how can I never go back?   


He jumped on a plane for St. John, US Virgin Islands. For a year he became singularly focused on how to fuel his passion for travel into dream career. At the age of 24, Alex applied for and won The Amazing Race season 2. It was during this epic experience that Alex found his passion for the entertainment business. Although he was hustling to win the race, behind the scenes he became obsessed with the  “job” of the travel producers.  He couldn’t believe there was a job out there that paid someone to travel and tell stories.  He talked so much to the producers that at one point he was threatened to be kick off the Race if he didn’t stop. 


After the Amazing race, Alex had made up his mind that this was the career for him.  But he had some problems...he didn’t have a TV or film degree, he didn’t have any connections in the business and he simply didn’t know where to start.

Alex pounded the pavement trying to meet as many people to learn what he needed to do to break into the business. He eventually got his first shot with a small production company in Florida called PineRidge Film and Television. His first job was selling stock footage to news stations only being paid commission on what he sold. It may have been a humble start but Alex loved just being able to come to a production office every day for his job.  He worked extremely hard to make sure everyone noticed him while building relationships with everyone in the studio. 

And eventually he got his next shot!  The studio had just sold a small cooking show “At The Chef’s Table" which needed a host.  And Alex used his goodwill from the hard work and relationships to land an audition.  He landed the hosting gig and continued to work hard eventually becoming a producer on the show he was hosting.

He spent the next five years working day and night to learn as much as he could with PineRidge Film & Television before moving on to new opportunities. From that small opportunity, Alex has gone on to create, host and produced numerous award winning shows for PBS, CBS, Travel Channel, Lonely Planet while creating three digital platforms. For his work on The Steve Harvey Show he received an Emmy Nomination.


Today Alex is paying it forward as a Co-Founder of  The platform has one mission…help people find the path to their dream career while arming them with the knowledge, skills and technology to do it the most efficient way possible.

The average person will spend over 100,000 hours in their lifetime working. That means you will spend more time working than any other single activity. So why not love what you do and have a passion for your job?

In this class, hosted by Alex, you will learn invaluable skills and be given the DreamJobbing Toolkit that will help you on your path to a dream career.

The DreamJobbing Mission

DreamJobbing has one mission - to educate and inspire individuals to pursue their dream careers and to provide them with the tools and resources to do that in the most effective way possible.


Watch this introduction from DreamJobbing

Co-Founder & Executive Producer Alex Boylan



This course is for anyone looking to get his or her first internship or job. Whether you’re a recent grad, a hardworking dreamer, or someone who just realizes they went down the wrong career path...this course is for you.

  • Students trying to land internships

  • Graduates trying to reach their dream job

  • Anyone (any age) who is making a transition into a new career 


This course teaches you the different careers available to you, and why it’s valuable to create relationships.  This course breaks down why relationships matter, but more importantly how to create them. You will learn how to make yourself stand out and how to land the career you want.


It’s beneficial because there is no other course out there that gives you practical tools MATCHED with the technology needed to stand out in a career search oversaturated with resumes and cover letters. This course walks you through step by step exactly how to find the job you want, and then land it.


The video based course sections range from 2-5 minutes each. Each section has different exercises and projects to work on from the guidebook after watching the lesson. Total time to complete the course can range from as fast as a few hours to days or weeks.  The materials learned will continue to be applied indefinitely and your guidebook will always be applicable to any job search.


This course was developed by 3 industry professionals with over 50 years combined experience hiring in many different industries. It is a based on their experiences and the questions they get asked most frequently...such as: “How do I land my dream job?” & “Does who you know really matter?”  After hiring hundreds and influencing thousands of people, we developed this course based on all that we had learned and seen as first hand examples of the best practices.


Students who take this course successfully will create a custom DreamJobbing profile, build a new network of professionals, find a clear vision of their future career and potentially land an interview for their first job/internship.

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