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co-founder bios, case studies and information about our media and education verticals. We hope you are inspired by this huge opportunity to help others and to scale our business.

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DreamJobbing Overview Video

DreamJobbing Media is broken up into two sections including Once In A Lifetime Opportunities as well as our Creative Content. Content includes television shows and series distributed on Amazon, Outside TV,

AXStv and more. 

DreamJobbing Education consists of our online courses which includes programs with The Boys & Girls Clubs (case study below), Jobs for Americas Graduates, and MICDS in St Louis (case study below) and more.




DreamJobbing works with brands, businesses, celebrities, tourism boards and more to offer exclusive once-in-a-lifetime opportunities & experiences that anyone in the world can apply for on the platform.

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DreamJobbing opportunity to co-star with Rachael Ray


DreamJobbing also creates original multimedia content with distribution through a number of different partners. Currently 4 original shows are available on Amazon Prime and there are 7 shows in development. 


If you landed your dream job, would you drop everything to jump on a 30-day adventure of a lifetime? Each episode of DreamJobbing brings the audience somewhere on the globe where they get an inside peek into some of the most fascinating and sought after jobs in the world. At once inspirational, aspirational and just plain awesome, DreamJobbing is a new social media platform for the ultimate gig.


The Local Traveler in Thailand is an epic documentary series where one Millennial is chosen to travel through Thailand. The host will live and explore the country with real locals to experience Thailand in the most authentic way. Viewers will see the luxurious, adventurous, cultural and volunteer tourism side of this incredible country.


DreamJobbing With... is a series of short videos to inspire people that it is possible to pursue your dreams. With over 50 videos interviewing industry professionals including actors, writers, athletes, doctors, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and more. 

DreamJobbing distributes shows on the following networks:


DreamJobbing's online courses teach students lessons such as... How to create a professional digital identity, how to network with professionals, and how to find the right career.
In addition, courses cover valuable skills that will help students as they begin the search for a job or internship. Skills taught include networking, interviewing, creating video cover letters & much more!

Course Offerings Include:

  • How to Market Yourself, Create a Professional Brand & Grow Your Network 

  • How To Break Into the Entertainment Industry

  • Career Development 101 for High School Students

Course Overview Video with Alex Boylan


The Boys & Girls Club in Venice uses DreamJobbing to promote career readiness  and teaches students to network with local professionals to learn about different industries. 


In order to engage alumni and local professionals, DreamJobbing created this page to enable mentors to sign-up and connect with BGC students.


The MICDS program in St. Louis teaches students to use the DreamJobbing toolkit to network with alumni for career advice and to find internships.


In order to engage alumni and local professionals, DreamJobbing created this page to enable mentors to sign-up and connect with MICDS students.


DreamJobbing is an innovative company founded by three award-winning Hollywood Producers -

Lisa Hennessy, Alex Boylan and Burton Roberts. Lisa Hennessy is an Emmy-Nominated Producer who has launched and run hit TV shows and their businesses including Eco-Challenge, Survivor, The Biggest Loser….just to name a few.


Alex Boylan is also an Emmy-Nominated Producer who alongside Burton Roberts were the managing partners of Around The World Productions. The company is credited with pioneering the online content business for top networks and brands while building platforms to deliver interactive media to audiences around the world. They have filmed in over 60 countries worldwide. 


The team has 50+ years of combined media and business experience. Together, they are pioneers and visionaries with proven track records growing businesses and turning ideas into realities.

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