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Host Alex Boylan discusses the importance of respect for others and the mission of DreamJobbing. In this course, kindness and respect are cornerstones - to be good person AND to be an exceptional employee. That is why bullying others is never acceptable.


Much like Planet Fitness, DreamJobbing has also pledged to be a Judgement Free Zone.

From The Workbook:

Bullying Prevention is a very important topic that we will briefly touch on. Being kind to others is also one of the best ways to show you have great character. Throughout these lessons, there will be situations where you may have to step out of your comfort zone. For example, in the process of career exploration, everyone will be choosing different paths and it is important to remember that there are zero wrong answers in career exploration.

Instead of judging others' career goals, try asking questions and choosing to learn more about your classmates dream jobs. This is a great way to broaden your perspectives AND you just might learn about another career that sparks your interest.

Being supportive of others is so much better than judging. Say no to bullying, stand up for those who are bullied, and let's all enjoy participating in this course together!

We have partnered with Planet Fitness to support their kindness and bullying prevention mission that you can read about at the Planet Fitness Website


For more resources, activities and to sign the pledge, CLICK HERE

Check out our experts' tips on bullying below and see why they say it's never okay to be a bully.

Expert Advice: 


Check out the videos below from our experts and individuals from our partner, Planet Fitness, and hear why respect is a key character trait in the workplace and why bullying is never the right answer. 

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