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Video Introduction:

Host Alex Boylan discusses career exploration and how using a personality test can help you determine what job type fits you and what goals to set to achieve your dream job.

From The Workbook:

Career Exploration is something that everyone does at some point in their life when they are looking towards the future. It's the best way to determine the different career paths that you are interested in and the ones that you aren’t.


You will be shocked when you listen to our experts and learn about their career paths... (side note…almost no one ends up in the career they planned to)... and that is why career exploration is so cool!


We recommend completing the personality assessment (linked in your workbook) before continuing on to the next chapter. Knowing yourself - your strengths and skills - will help you make informed career decisions. This is a powerful tool that will help you as you choose what classes to take, what research to conduct and maybe even what college to attend.

To complete the personality assessment and view the workbook activities, CLICK HERE

Expert Advice: 


Check out the videos below from our experts and hear how career exploration guided them on different and sometimes surprising paths to land in their dream careers. 


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