Brothers John Resig and Leo Resig founded Chive Media Group and its flagship site,, in November 2008 with no capital and a lot of hustle. Leo was living in Chicago (CHI) and John was living in Venice (VE) and that’s how theCHIVE was born.


With backgrounds in digital publishing and the financial backing from partner, Doug Schaaf, John and Leo were able to turn a three-man project into the nationwide, 170-employee entertainment digital media company that Chive Media Group is today.

the CHIVE is headquartered in Austin, Texas 

and includes dedicated bars, two employee lounges, dozens of stand up desks and a killer, two-story slide.

See why the Chive Media Group is a great place to work . . .

Leo Resig - CEO & Co-Founder of Chive Media Group (4:07)


What does it take to be successful here? Find out!

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Culture is paramount at Chive Media Group and we are very picky about who we hire. We look for candidates who are positive, motivated, proactive and smart as hell. If you check all those boxes, we would love to hear from you!

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